A Burden test tool-Apache JMeter

Website: http://jmeter.apache.org/

Apache JMeter™

The Apache JMeter™ application is open source software, a 100% pure Java application designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance. It was originally designed for testing Web Applications but has since expanded to other test functions.

What can I do with it?

Apache JMeter may be used to test performance both on static and dynamic resources, Web dynamic applications. 
It can be used to simulate a heavy load on a server, group of servers, network or object to test its strength or to analyze overall performance under different load types.

Apache JMeter features include:

  • Ability to load and performance test many different applications/server/protocol types:

    • Web - HTTP, HTTPS (Java, NodeJS, PHP, ASP.NET, …)

    • SOAP / REST Webservices

    • FTP

    • Database via JDBC

    • LDAP

    • Message-oriented middleware (MOM) via JMS

    • Mail - SMTP(S), POP3(S) and IMAP(S)

    • Native commands or shell scripts

    • TCP

    • Java Objects

  • Full featured Test IDE that allows fast Test Plan recording (from Browsers or native applications), building and debugging.

  • Command-line mode (Non GUI / headless mode) to load test from any Java compatible OS (Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, …)

  • A complete and ready to present dynamic HTML report

  • Easy correlation through ability to extract data from most popular response formats, HTMLJSON XML or any textual format

  • Complete portability and 100% Java purity.

  • Full multi-threading framework allows concurrent sampling by many threads and simultaneous sampling of different functions by separate thread groups.

  • Caching and offline analysis/replaying of test results.

  • Highly Extensible core:

    • Pluggable Samplers allow unlimited testing capabilities.

    • Scriptable Samplers (JSR223-compatible languages like Groovy and BeanShell)

    • Several load statistics may be chosen with pluggable timers.

    • Data analysis and visualization plugins allow great extensibility as well as personalization.

    • Functions can be used to provide dynamic input to a test or provide data manipulation.

    • Easy Continuous Integration through 3rd party Open Source libraries for Maven, Graddle and Jenkins

To Learn more, please refer to: http://jmeter.apache.org/

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