Released Data

JUST-Trucks Data

This trajectory dataset was collected from 14 delivery trucks of JD Logistics in the period of Apr. 1 to Jun. 20, 2020. The main routes of these trucks are commuting between Maoming Distribution Center and Guangzhou Distribution Center. The total number of GPS points is about 7.47 million, and the total distance of the trajectories reaches to 0.96 million kilometers.

Please cite the following papers when using the dataset:

[1] Ruiyuan Li, Huajun He, Rubin Wang, Yuchuan Huang, Junwen Liu, Sijie Ruan, Tianfu He, Jie Bao, Yu Zheng. JUST: JD Urban Spatio-Temporal Data Engine. In 2020 IEEE 36th International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE) (pp. 1558-1569). IEEE.

[2] Sijie Ruan, Zi Xiong, Cheng Long, Yiheng Chen, Jie Bao, Tianfu He, Ruiyuan Li, Shengnan Wu, Zhongyuan Jiang, and Yu Zheng. Doing in One Go: Delivery Time Inference Based on Couriers' Trajectories. in Proceedings of the 26th SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining. (KDD 2020)

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